Silent Night, Unholy Night

There’s nothing I like more about the Christmas season than spooky Christmas stuff, from toys, clothing, books, food, and above all movies. I love Christmas horror, particularly dark comedies. When I was little in RL, I was captivated by Nightmare Before Christmas and Gremlins, and as I grew older, all of the even scarier movies about Christmas from around the world found their way onto my holiday viewing list. For something different, here’s my list of my favorite dark Christmas movies:

10) The Lodge 2019 – By the same director as my favorite German language film Ich Seh, Ich Seh (Goodnight Mommy), this film explores a lot of the same themes but with Christmas!

9) Gremlins – 1984 – This movie is a classic and always gets me in the holiday spirit! I am a huge fan of practical effects.

8) Black Christmas – 1974 – This movie kind of gave birth to the slasher genre, so if you’re a fan of Halloween, you should see this movie.

7) Sint – 2010 – Holland – A murderous Sinterklaas attacks Amsterdam! This movie was nearly shut down because of how controversial it was.

6) The Children – 2008 – United Kingdom – All the children start violently attacking the adults on Christmas morning! It’s a small and quiet film, but it really works.

5) And All Through the House1972/1989 – This one might not count! It’s from both the 1972 film Tales from the Crypt and the television series. It’s not a feature length movie, but it’s an excellent short and really did help set the stage for other scary Christmas movies.

4) Rare Exports 2010 – Finland – A boy and his father vs. a rabid Father Christmas and his murderous elves. What’s not to love?

3) Krampus – 2015 – This movie is not really scary, but it’s hysterical and is carried pretty strongly by the child lead. It’s a lot of fun and helped popularize Krampus in the US. Now you can take your child to sit on Krampus’s lap in downtown Portland. You’re welcome!

2) Anna and the Apocalypse – 2017 – Scotland – A Scottish, zombie, Christmas musical! Lots of fun. Sort of Shaun of the Dead meets High School Musical.

1) Better Watch Out 2016 – Start out as a predictable home invasion more, but soon turns into something much more interesting.

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