Mr. SL 2021 Grand Finale – My Five Favorite Looks

I know a lot of people don’t like pageants competitions, and while I am against them in RL, I think they’re a lot of fun in Second Life. Besides a challenge or two, they’re not so much about sexualizing the contestants, but more about focusing on creativity, design, and style. To me that’s what SL is all about. Creativity. There’s also something about a pageant that allows for creativity, but also the extra challenge of physics and movement. How does an outfit look while moving? How does it look posing? How does it look from all angles? You can’t get that from any other type of contest.

Mr. SL China – Ren Matsura – National Costume Challenge

I really like the overall look of Mr. SL China’s national costume, particularly how the outfit is complemented with the animesh dragons and the colors chosen. He framed them so well. This outfit is really hard to pose given the arms, but he did a really good job overall. It’s dramatic and stylized really well. I think a good national costume should dramatic, but still stylish. I think he does a really good job finding that balance.

Mr. SL Italy – Freddy Mongrain – National Costume

Freddy’s outfit also struck the balance of style and drama. With a lot of national costumes, many contestants tend to have a lot of props, and things flying around them, but his effects really fit with his overall look while not distracting from his overall presentation. The colors are also perfect! I certainly get his references to Italian opera.

Mr. SL China – Ren Matsura – Formal Challenge

Mr. SL China is on my list again because he’s so unique. I love that he took his national title into the formal challenge and selected a formal outfit that moves beyond Western styled suits. I love the patterns and the accessories he used to stylize this look. Anything that moves beyond a black and white formal suit is always welcomed!

Mr. SL Italy – Freddy Mongrain – Formal Challenge

I noticed Mr. SL Italy again because I really love the detailing in his outfit. The mesh is really well done, with lots of surprises from ever angle. I really wish someone would mesh something this detailed for tweenster, but for now I’ll just admire this from afar. This outfit is a little more traditional, but it’s also really well stylized. It’s a really classic look.

Mr. SL Japan – Tymon Alexander – Formal Challenge

This is probably my favorite outfit of the evening. In the case of this outfit, I love the perfect blending of traditional Japanese clothing with western fashion. Asymmetry is hard to pull off in men’s formal outfits, but I think this does it perfectly. Mr. SL Japan also had my favorite “outfit” for the Victoria Secret challenge, but I am not including any of those look in this post. I think Tymon is going to take the whole thing, but we’ll see. I am going to post this blog before the winners are announced.

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