Practice Makes Perfect

In the fall, I got to be Peter Pan in our school play, which was awesome because Little Shop of Horrors was not much of a hit last year. Something about all the little kids being traumatized by the subject matter. How was that my fault. The script says to chop that guy up and feed him to the killer plant! I didn’t write it!

I love performing. I do go to a middle school for performing arts, so there’s lots of opportunities. I like music, acting, and dance, so I decided to take my ballet a little more seriously this year. For the first time, I auditioned for the annual Christmas performance of The Nutcracker, and I got the lead! I had so much fun doing Peter Pan, I can’t wait until the performance. The only thing is my dancing is not as good as my singing or acting. It’s a lot easier to get the lead in the ballet because a lot less guys dance. This is my first time in a leading dance role, so I don’t want to make a fool of myself!


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