TweenStar Look 5: City Challenge

The city challenge was probably my least favorite of all 6 challenges we were given. It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s more that I couldn’t really do everything that I wanted to with the look.

My first instinct was to do a harajuku look, but I just felt like I couldn’t have done it justice. There’s some cool mesh for tweenster girls, but nothing really Japanesy except this Haori top. I after trying to make it into something that could be harauku, I gave up and just tried contemporary Japanese streetwear instead. I like it, but if I could do it over I would have picked darker tones of blue and maybe bright orange as a color scheme.

I ultimately decided on the Haori I am wearing because it was something I could accomplish with my limited skills in making clothing, and it fit with the theme I was going for. I knew I wanted to do an animal cafe as a destination in Tokyo, and bird cafes have always been my favorite.

While in RL I’ve been to cat, piglet, and raccoon cafes in Japan, the only bird cafe I’ve been to was in South Korea. I used to go to this little one before they shut down. I guess it never really caught on there. I did, however, adopt this lovebird I named Dieter.


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