Boys Can Do Ballet Too!

As a RL little kid, I was not allowed to do anything considered too girly, and the more my mother forbade me, the more resistant I became. By the time I was at the end of elementary school, my mother couldn’t really keep me from things like that anymore. When I picked a musical instrument, I picked the flute just to spite her. I would eventually win a spot at the performing art school and eventually get a full scholarship for music in college. However, ballet is the one things that I really wish I would have done as a little kid.

When I was 16 and in my first year at university, I developed a rare condition that would prevent me from continuing music at any professional level and would make dance completely out of the question.

If you care about your kids, let them be themselves and support their dreams. If my kid wanted to play sportsball, who am I to stand in their way!?


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