Pride and Intersectionality

We celebrate Pride to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in response to several unlawful police raids against the Stonewall Inn. I bring this up not to draw parallels between the current protests, but to remind members of the LGBT+ community that the leaders of this movement were trans women of color. For many decades, Pride has become a space primarily for gay white men. Other movements such as the Dykes March splintered from Pride because women were being marginalized. In the early years, trans women were excluded from these events because they were not “real” women. Black Lives Matter was even excluded from a recent Canadian Pride event when they attempted to create a dialogue about intersectionality. Pride is just now starting to get back to the core principals it was intended to celebrate.

Today, people are fighting for the lives in so many ways. Now, more than ever, is the time to recognize privilege, listen, and learn.

Thank you Marsha P. Johnson. Thank you Miss Major Griffin-Gracy. Thank you to everyone who paved the way.

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