Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: Go Get ‘Em, Boy

Predator or prey? Humans weren’t meant to survive here, so you have to get crafty. This pocket of prehistoric life has survived for eons, removed far from the rest of existence. How did I get here? I’m still trying to figure that out. Have I gone back in time? Have I fallen into some massive chasm? Is this some mad scientist’s experiment. Your guess is as good as mine. Some day, I’ll find out.

I wasn’t alone. Other humans have come and gone. But I have survived because of my of friend. I found him when he was little, too little to survive on his own. In third grade I learned about dinosaurs, and this guy’s a raptor. Fast and clever. One of the best hunters here. With him, I can hunt. With him, I can allude the larger predators. And with him, I might just be able to save another human or two. Maybe…


There are tons of gifts from the Bard Queen’s Garden Quest, and it’s really worth the time and energy to complete it, but this prize stood out a little. Dawn Kingdoms put up an adorable animesh raptor as a prize for the hunt. What kid didn’t want a pet raptor after watching Jurassic Park? This little guy comes loaded with tons of animations. It also really fits with this great hoodie just released from one of my new sponsors, Knight Designs. I’ve been meaning to do a photo at Drifts of Anamnesis, and all three pieces came together here.

Sponsored Items

Item from Fantasy Faire

{Dawn Kingdoms} Animesh Quest Raptor – Quest Reward at Spirit Valley of Kuruk

Photo Location

Drifts of Anamnesis at the Fantasy Faire

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