Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: Bad Omens Rising

Moon Elves live well into their hundreds, so most do not set out for adventure in their lives, but the ones who do wait until they’re at least 90. However, this young one has felt the call for freedom since he was born. He was special, could see things that no one else could. His village is secluded, only other Moon Elves live there, so he’s never seen a human, other kinds of elves, orcs, halflings, but he will meet many. Makes friends with some, enemies of others.

At the age of ten, his entire village knew he knew he was destined for something great. His parents let him go, knowing that he’s the only one who could save their kind from annihilation. Something, someone is coming. What lives beyond the forest of his birth? What lurks in the darkness? What forces gather that he will one day face…

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Photo Location

Queensgarden at Fantasy Faire


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