Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: Clan of the Cave Boy

Nestled in the peaceful valley of Kuruk, a clan of hunter-gathers live together with the grizzly bears. At birth, each child is paired with a grizzly bear cub that will be their companion for life: a fellow hunter, warrior, and friend.

This morning, a boy of the age of ten, ventures out of the village by himself for the first time. He’s crossed the river a number of times before, at first with his parents, and then with his friends. But from now on he’s old enough to fend for himself, but never has to explore alone…


This year Loki has provided another great outfit for kids found in a Blue RFL Vendor at the center of Kuruk. Many of the members of the kid and tween community can be found role playing there at many hours. Although kids are running and organizing this event, it’s extremely welcoming and inclusive, so check out if you’re at all interested.

Sponsored Items

Photo Location

Spirit Valley of Kuruk

Other Items at the Fantasy Faire


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