Fantasy Faire for Relay For Life: Quest Accepted!

Orcs can’t be paladins! You’ll never survive your younglinghood with that missing tusk! A human will never accept you as his squire! You’ll never win the favor of Pelor, you filthy orc! You’ll never be knighted! No one will trust you with a quest!

Challenge accepted!

When I was little–well littler than I am now–I saw the Lightening Lord ride through the slums of Neverwinter. None of the knights ever did that. Never set foot where the orcs and teiflings call their home. He was sworn to the Lord of Neverwinter, the hero of the whole city. He saw me staring at him, and before I could hide my glance, he called me over.

I kept my head down. Only answered his questions with one or two words, like my uncle taught me. Before he left, he handed me a carving of a knight on a horse. Three years later he took me as his squire.

During the war with the Black Spider, he was hit by a poisoned arrow. On his death bed, he handed me his helm and made me promise to continue his work, to fight for all races, even the ones who shun me…

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Zodiac at Fantasy Faire

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The Fairelands Quest 2020 Box / Fantasy Faire Emblem


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