Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: New Treasures

Hidden deep in the forest of Queensgarden, a band of pixies and other fae have their own faire. In the late hours of the night, they collect what you lost the previous day. With all the shopping and the busy crowds, it’s easy to lose something precious. A teacup, your glasses, a marble, the coins you swore you had. These are their treasures. Tonight, under a canopy of mushrooms, they gather to display their trinkets for all to see.

A fae boy stumbled upon your reading glasses. While you were dosing with a good book, your glasses slipped off your face. That night, he found them and was memorized. He used to think the humans were simple and without magic. Tonight, he has to rethink things…


I have recently discovered the hair shop Raven Bell. With so many beautiful styles, I am supersized I’ve never seen them before. I love how well their hair fits in with both fantasy looks and more mainstream outfits, as you have the option of removing some the fantasy elements. The willow hair in this picture has a version with and without the tree branches. Their hair also has a really extensive texture Hud.

You can shop for some of their items at their Faire Store in Auxentios’ Pass, their MainStore, and their MarketPlace. Their RFL hair is a special crystal edition of their Umbriel hair, which is already beautiful, but the crystal textures are excellent for fantasy. The materials included add a lot of flare. I got it for my merkid look, which I plan to post in a few days.

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Photo Location

Queensgarden at Fantasy Faire

Other Items at Fantasy Faire


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