Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: The Faun Boy

The faire is a joyful time, a time for people to come together and celebrate, but it can be busy and crowded. Some creatures prefer solitude and quiet. Sander, the faun boy, lives just outside the city in the region of Queensgarden. He is the protector of the Queen’s forest. An orphan himself, he takes care of the small animals and all other creatures that wander into his home. All that he asks is that you harm none while visiting.

Every year during the faire, however, he creeps close to the edge of the forest to listen to the musicians perform. Over the years, he’s memorized all of the most popular tunes and even joins in on his panpipes on some days. He dreams of one day being the performed in front of all the guests of the faire, but he knows that just a dream…

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Photo Location

Queensgarden at Fantasy Faire

Items at Fantasy Faire


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