Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: Welcome to the Faire

I had been wandering for days in the forest, lost and alone. The trail was supposed to be easy to follow. The faire grounds should have been right there! In another day, I would have ran out of food and water.

That night, I saw his eyes glowing in the darkness as I was building my campfire. Two giant yellow eyes glowing brighter and brighter as they crept forward. I had my bow with me, but I was never any good at archery. My arms trembled as I drew an arrow to the string.

It was too late. In a sudden rush, the eyes were upon me and I was forced to the ground. I could feel the weight of the wolf’s paws pressing me into the earth.

I felt the warm breath huffing closer and closer to my face. As I opened my eyes, the biggest wolf I have ever seen slurped my face with his tongue. In the day, he led me out of the forest and we finally made it all the way to Lunafae!

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Photo Location

Lunafae at the Fantasy Faire


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