Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: Icarus Falling

I took the leap. Followed my father. Had listened to all his warnings, but who could have warned me of this feeling. Ever since I was little, I had wanted to fly. Had dreamed I was one of the gulls circling the prison tower, one of the eagles defying the very will of the gods with its flight. The sun kissing my skin, the clouds giving way as I passed through them.

Everything seemed so clear above the clouds. Who wouldn’t have pressed forward? With every breath, with every heartbeat, I soared higher and higher. I heard my father’s cries. I chose not to listen.

I’ve been punished since birth! For what? My father’s crimes? Who is he to tell me to not reach higher? With these wings, even Olympus is within my grasp…

Sponsored Item

::Static:: DaVinci Faewing {Icharus} available at the Fantasy Faire – Auxentios’ Pass

Photo Location

Photo taken at Fantasy Faire – Island of Shadows


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