Reach for the Stars

Dear friends,

I have been slacking a little in the writing of my blog because I wanted to keep up with all my sponsors before the Fantasy Faire. In the coming weeks, most of my blogging effort will be focused on blogging for that event, though if my sponsors come up with anything new, I will try to cover them as well.

I am really excited because this is my first time officially blogging for an event. It’s also really special for me because it’s one of my favorite annual events. I love all things fantasy, and I used to only do fantasy looks when I first created this account. This event will be a great way for me to get back to my roots.

I also really love the Fantasy Faire because it’s for a great cause, Relay for Life. I can’t think of a better way to spend my Second Life and my social distancing than helping out a great organization and to help raise money for people effected by cancer.

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Starlet Eyes – Set 2 & Set 3 by Demicorn


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