It’s Called Heterochromia

One of my signatures in my SL avatar is my heterochromia, which is when all or part of one of your eyes is a different color. In most of my photos, I try to be true to my RL self, although my RL heterochromia is not as pronounced as it is here. My left eye is bright blue, but there is a noticeable brown splotch in my right eye. My human looks mostly have one blue eye and one brown.

Sometime it’s difficult to load two different textures on your eyes, but the un-rigged official Catwa eyes can be loaded one at a time. They can also add the shine texture to them, which I am partial to.

These are a new release from my eye sponsor Demicorn. These are human eyes, but I plan to follow this blog some of the more inhuman textures later this week.

Sponsored Item

Demicorn – Metal Eyes – Blue and Brown


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