I’m a Good Boy, I Swear Part 2

Do you see the twinkle in my eyes? Do you see my halo? What about my…angel wings? Don’t be fooled, I’m a good boy, I swear.

This is me. This is my normal. Most kid avatars are overly cute, but on my very first day on SL as a kid, I went demon. For over an entire year I never appeared as human. I only started to appear as human to compete in the TweenStar competition.

Being human has opened a bunch of new doors, I am don’t really want to limit myself. However, returning to my demon self is like slipping into a nice soothing boiling hot bath.

I kind prefer blogging the P.O.S.E. sponsored items as a demon because I tend to like to subvert the expected.

Dear God,

It’s me Arti!

Sponsored Item

Folded Hands – Kids Bento Pose by P.O.S.E.


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