Gruß vom Krampus

My “way into” Christmas has always been through the horror. My favorite holiday movie when I was a kid was Gremlins. The first slasher movie, Black Christmas, went on to inspire Halloween and Friday the Thirteenth. One of the few times I got to see cable TV as a kid, my brother and me stayed up all night to see “All Through the House,” my all time favorite Christmas special from Tales from the Crypt. Better Watch Out is now my favorite horror-comedy. Christmas has a long and twisted relationship with horror, and it goes far beyond some of these modern classics.

When I had discovered the magic that is Krampus, I was mesmerized. Christmas has never been a really happy time for me. As a kid who didn’t really get celebrate Christmas, I’d see others get so much while was stuck alone with my family during winter vacation. I’d always count the days until school started again.

The idea of a demon who punishes though who deserve it just made the holiday a little more cheerful to me. I knew Santa and Krampus weren’t real, but when I wished someone would save me from my holiday nightmare, it wasn’t Santa I was hoping for…


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