Holiday: FashIcon December Challenge

It was honestly hard for me to get excited or inspired for this challenge because I only really love the darker side of Christmas. My favorite sub-genre of movies are Christmas horror-comedies, of which there are many. Krampus, Gremlins, Rare Exports, Santa’s Slay, Better Watch Out, and Anna and the Apocalypse are just a few of my favorite ones. Honestly, I was hoping to be able to done my Krampus look for this challenge, but it was more about the glamor.

Glamor is hard for kids, and it’s a lot harder for boys. There are more formal meshes now, but still the options are pretty limited. I ultimately like what I came up with, but it’s really not me and what I am about.

We had to pick a movie star as inspiration, so I chose Macaulay Culkin fro Home Alone because I think his character helped solidify plaid as a very Christmay look.


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