My Response to My Flickr Deletion

As many of your probably know, I along with dozens of other Flickr users from Secondlife were deleted and banned last week. About a half a dozen were members of the kid community. A lot of people are upset and obviously I am not happy, but I do not really like how combative and accusatory people are being. There was really nothing worth deleting on my account over, but I do think maybe I pushed the envelop with fantasy violence imagery. To be honest, every single SL blogger is breaking Flickr terms of service every time they link to any item being used in their pictures. Any person flagged is liable to deletion.

People are blaming others for their ban. People are getting really nasty about it. The truth is no one knows why this is happening and the only people to be upset about are the administrators of Flickr. I fear at some point the entire SL community will be targeted and we’ll have to find a new place to be. And to honest, this has been going on for awhile.

People need to learn to play nice and stop using this as an excuse to blame other people. I have heard too many theories about this to even care who did it anymore. I don’t even think it was any single person, just a silly decision from the company itself.

I had built up a follower base of 675 people the day of deletion and I had several photos with over 100 likes. I don’t really consider myself a great SL artist, but I love it and I try to get better. I try to be really creative. I try to change the way people think about using kid avatars. I have orc, demon, ghost, Ancient Greek, Viking, and even Science Fiction looks. I used to try to look different every day. I love SL photography and will continue this blog with or without Flickr.

I hadn’t really felt like posting a formal blog, but here are some picture of my little SL brother and me being the Super Sons: Damien Wayne and Jon Kent.


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