Halloween: FashIcon October Challenge

I am kind of floating on air right now, not because of the wings, but because my scores for the October FashIcon challenge earned me a spot in the finale. I know it’s because other people ahead of me had already qualified, but doing these events has never been about the winning, but getting to participate in the fun theme challenges. And to also help promote Tweenster fashion. I truly “second-live” for stuff like that. I even learned from the other contestants and know how I could have made this look even better. Next time…

And this challenge was my favorite. Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s when I was always happiest as a kid. And as some of you may know, I spent the first 1.5 years of SL as a demon boy. This look is coming home for me. This is me…

I want to thank my SL dad for helping me with the scripts for my halo. There are some glow elements and invisible faces that made fading the halo in and out a huge challenge. He had sent me probably 5 different versions of the script in order to get it right. He’s so supportive and so talented.

Most of Arti Love-McKenna’s Secondlife looks are inspired by fantasy and horror, and there’s nothing quite as spooky as creepy kids: Damien Thorn, Isaac Chroner, Eli from Let the Right One In. These are some of his favorite characters. Although this look is self-created, the spirit of these icons has inspired him.

You see the halo on his back? Don’t be fooled by it, it’s just the remains from his time as TweenStar. If you look closely, the split tongue tells, he’s of demon nature from within!

I don’t know who wrote the second paragraph about the halo and tongue, but I ❤ you! I had submitted those elements late and didn’t include them in my styling descriptions.


Tank Shirt for Tweenster by Meshmerized
Shorpants for Tweenster by Meshmerized

Body Parts

Dura Boy 88 Hair
Fate Eyes by Damien Fate
Bento Splitting Tongue by 6Doo
Tweenster Faun Legs – White by Satyr’s Moon
Steking Ears – Season 5 by Mandala
Lil Demon Bento Tail – White by Cubic Cherry
Ayakashi Bone Horns by Quirky
Ascendant Wings Demonic – Chibi by Spider Productions


Max Skin – Tone 07 by Meshmerized
The Pain Within Makeup by Pout
Omega Bloody Mouth – Preppy Eater by Ailasa’s Creations


NOX Pentagram Necklace by Real Evil
Innocence Halo – Sunless Sea by Cubic Cherry
Baby Cornsnake Arm Coil – Night by Half-Deer
Baby Cornsnake Arm Coil – Snow by Half-Deer

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