Inside Fanart

I don’t play a lot of video games, but you’d think I’d favor horror games. You’d be wrong, I really love puzzle platformers. More so, I love puzzle platformers that tell stories without dialogue. Then, above all, I love puzzle platformers that tell stories without dialogue with a horror theme. See, horror is awesome, but I really love the stories being told the most.

Inside and Limbo, both by Playdead, are my favorite examples of this kind of game. I have also loved Little Nightmares and Typoman. Other types of these games that have elements of horror in include Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Rime. I also heard that I would enjoy A Plague Story. However, Inside is my favorite game so far.

There’s something about the atmosphere, simple gaming mechanics, main character, unique physics, and story that is so intriguing and still has me thinking. The ending is so perfect on so many levels.

I decided to do so fan art around my family’s farm. My dad made me a faceless mesh head, but then I got one from ContraptioN for the final photo.

Speaking of my dad, he’s been telling the same joke since I started doing these photos: wipe that look off your face right now, young man.

I normally hate underwater levels, but Inside uses some of the best underwater physics I have ever seen in a game–although you cannot call all of them underwater…you’ll have to play the game to understand what that means.

This is the final photo in this series, so i will do the credits for this one. My dad’s faceless mesh head is not available at this time, although I did inspire him to start working on a bento head specifically for boys. The market is sorely needing of one of those.


The Faceless Head by ContraptioN – Available at Salem 2019
Dura Unisex Hair 85
Animated Chick by TrigiGifts
Max 07 Skin Tone for Tweenster by Meshmerized
Classic Jeans for Tweenster by Meshmerized
Double Shirt for Tweenster by Meshmerized

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