Why I’m a Teacher

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In real life, I loved school as a kid. Not because I liked learning or because I was popular, but because I got to be away from home. I was even bullied as a kid, but school was a much safer space for me than my home. It seems like some things don’t change for the kids I serve.

I never set out to be a teacher. When I was in my late teens, my first dream went up in flames when my health failed. I had to find a new dream. Honestly, teaching suited me all along.

I have a learning disability, I struggled so much when I was really little, but I managed to graduate, and managed to graduate two years early. The struggles I went through make me a better teacher. I know what it’s like to feel stupid. I know what it’s like to feel ignored. I know what it’s like to feel terrified in my own skin.

So many times I wished one of my teachers would do something and maybe help me where I really needed it. Someone maybe to save me and make a call to CPS. I’m the one the kids go to for that–seems like there’s always one teacher a every school. I promised myself I’d do better. I’ve even managed to save a few. Not enough, though.


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