May I have this dance?

Flickr Post

So much wish fulfillment today!

Kids like me don’t normally get to be who they are at school dances. We go and hang out with our single female friends. Maybe we’ll have a dance or two, but it’s never the same. I know things are changing, but never soon enough…

YAY for full perm suits from Meshnix. I have been really wanting a full perm formal mesh for a long time, so today is an awesome day for me. This is the full perm that is going to make me learn how to properly texture!


Full Perm: Suit 03 from Meshnix
Suit available soon from the posStore
Alfie Hair by Modulus
lBoutonniere ~ Pink/Black by ::DBL::
Rose in the Hand by GardenCenterSimona
Love Balloon Set by Hive
Pose: May I have this dance? (Bonus with suit)
Sim: Backdrop City/Sandbox

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