TweenStar: Finale

AriStar is over and I am a little sad, not because I didn’t win, but because this experience is ending. I never joined the contest to win, but I felt it would be a good personal challenge and a good way to maybe advance Tweenster fashion. There are a few awesome projects coming up for me, including blogging for an awesome new sponsor, helping my SL dad design for Tweenster, and my Tarot Card photo series I’ve been wanting to start for the longest time.

TweenStar Look 4: Challenge/Forgotten Realms

I picked Forgotten Realms because I love Dungeons and Dragons so much. Maybe it was a bad choice because DnD characters are so personal as they are self-created, but I wanted to do it.

TweenStar Look 5: City Challnege

For this look we had to be a tourist in Paris during any time period (past, present, future) while only using the colors of the French flag in the fabric of our outfits. I love the idea of time traveling, so I first went for a future look. I wanted to wear one of Bakaboo’s futuristic looking jackets, but there just was too much black in the one that had red, white, and blue.I decided to ask Haberdashery for a custom Edmund Outfit, and they were really gracious and said yes.

TweenStar Look 6: Formal

Meshmerized came through with this suit. I really love it a lot. I wish I had had a little more time with it to stylize it to do it justice. I was scrambling to try to find a new walk and shoes that fit well, I ended up hitting similar notes from the title challenge.

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