TweenStar Look 3: Anime Challenge

What can I say? I tried. Maybe I needed a more colorful anime, but I really loved watching D.N.Angel and Daisuke Niwa was adorable. Adorkable. A meek kid sharing a body with a fallen angel phantom art thief. It was fun, and I wish I could have done a little better. I think that’s how we always feel. What could I have done better? What if I did the more dramatic character with purple hair and wings?

This could be a lot better, but I am proud of this. I had never had a favorite anime character, but now I do. The manga is still running, so I might even check that out too. Starting a challenge totally not a fan of the medium and coming out a fan is kind of its own reward. I need to check more anime out now.


  • Loke Ear Piercings for Catwa by Artificial Hallucination
  • White Knotted Wrist Wraps by HowBoutU
  • Leather Strap Arm Bands – Red by Sabra
  • Fusion Kicks by Rebellion
  • Vest Hoodie Plain and Capris Pants for Tweenster by Meshmerized
  • Dura B&G84 Hair
  • Endear Mens Key Necklace by EarthStones
  • FATEeyes by Damien Fate
  • Feather Crow Nano Mesh by T-3D Creations

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