Coming to a Viewer Near You!

My SL brother Kioko really became my brother when we would collaborate on photos. We were good friends before, would hang out sometimes, but getting together to create coordinating looks or themes became our bond. He’ll often find a sim or get fixated on something, and want to create that in-world. This isn’t so much about taking the best snapshot, but getting out and finding a new amazing sim or trying something different. It’s mainly about being together.

He came to me yesterday with a really cool concept and needed a little help with posing and lighting. Ainmare is an awesome way to tweek animations (and to create them from scratch). Being a tweenster is not always easy because we have to use some poses sized for adults. Attaching Animare can let a kid avatar move his arm out of his chest, or pull her legs apart so there are two. Any animation for fixed.

What’s great about Animare is that you can send your friend over a hud that allows you to change the poses of someone else remotely. Honestly, it’s one of the best tools I’ve come across. It’s also not that expensive considering what it does.

Secondly, LumiPro is another great tool. LumiPro is expensive. Really expensive. As in the most expensive thing in my inventory. I got mine gifted to me; I didn’t see the point because I can do almost everything the LumiPro can do with other huds and by making my own lights. However, LumiPro saves me so much time and energy, and it’s so much fun to use.

The one thing I cannot do on my own that LumiPro can do is control another model’s facelights, projectors, eye position, and so much more. LumiPro includes several lights that can be controlled remotely with a joystick hud. Kioko saw me use them the other day and thought I could help with his concept…

My raw capture

He wanted to make a Grudge 4 poster and was having some difficulty getting the shading, shadows, color, and sparkle in his eyes right. LumiPro helped out a lot. It was super fun to work together.

Please see Kio’s photo on Flickr


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