I’m In Love with this Gacha

I know this has been around for a few weeks now, but two of my absolute favorite creators have joined forces again. Dura makes some of my favorite hair and Maru Kado makes some of my favorite accessories and decor. They’ve work together before to make punk hairstyle with a rigged futuristic plague doctor’s mask. It’s a lot of fun, but it covers the money maker!

The new item is a gacha for hair rigged with a cap. The cap comes in two styles: monster and regular, both with two different textures to choose from. Also, there are two hairstyles, a bob and a short cut featured in these photos. What’s also great is that each gacha pack comes with two versions, one shorter than the others. These are transferable, so you can share them. I have selected version two, the shorter cut.

I personally love the monster cap, which is shown below. Like I’ve said before, I like to bring in something a little dark when I make human looks. The picture above features a cap with a very subtle splattering of blood. You can also choose a clean cap with a HUD.

The gacha itself is only 75L, which well worth the price as long as you get the hairstyle you want. However, with so many possible outcomes, it can be a crap shoot. I have found that people are being fairly reasonable on the resale of these on the MP, usually only asking for what they originally have paid for. There’s lost of different combinations, with a total of 4 different caps, four different cuts, and several colors in each bundle. I’ve collected three commons and I am very satisfied. The monster cap is so me!


Cap/Hair: Common5_{-MK-}&Dura Collaboration02_Short2 (monster)
Eyes: {Demicorn} SOL Eyes – Rainbow RARE (CATWA)
Backpack: AITUI – Vertical Skate Bag
Top: Meshmerized Tankshirt

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