How SL Saved My Husband’s Life

Why I started my kid account on SL is tied very closely to why my RL husband and SL partner joined. Malik (SL name), has had a really tough life, leaving his home country within two hours of him being publicly outed. Instead of facing up to 20 years in prison, he got on a plane and started a new life with no money and no prospects in a new country. He was teaching at an international university when I met him. Meanwhile, he was waiting for a visa to the UK, Canada, or the USA as an LGBTQ+ refugee. We fell in love and I dragged him back to the United States, and we moved in together as boyfriends.

I had been on SL for about five years at that point. I played about two or three times a week on a few fantasy RPG sims. It was a way for me to “see” my friends from back home while I was living abroad. It was a way for me to live out my wildest dreams. It was a way to fly!

After we moved to the US, he became severely ill. He was ordered on bed rest for a month and faced months of painful recovery. His doctors prepared us for the fact he may never recover fully. When I was at work, he was alone in bed. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, to leave the person I love to support us while he was in so much pain. He read. He got caught up on American television. He stayed alone.

I set him up with a Second Life account and within a few days he had a SL family, friends, and a hangout. He even set up a fairly successful marketplace for gestures. I was surprised to see he had made a kid avatar. He told me it was for his twin brother who drowned when they were 12. It was sweet. I loved him for that. Being a kid avatar never seemed appealing to me, and there is an undue stigma attach to it, but he was happy. I really can say SL saved his life. He loved his Tweenster body and without it he might not have had to hope to get through that relapse.

After a few months, he got better and went back to school. We would both play SL together, but he would do his thing and I would do my thing, despite him telling me to come visit one of the kids sims he would go to.

I decided to surprise him, though. I had wanted to propose for awhile, and thought of a romantic, yet unconventional way to ask him to marry me. I made a new account, made myself a kid demon, visited his favorite sim on the DL, and recruited some of his SL friends to surprise him at one of their events. Meanwhile, I showed up at his sim and befriended him–he’s only recently told me he knew it was me the whole time. You see I pretended to be working in the other while met to play dnd or play swords.

On one Saturday, the DJ stopped the music and I rezzed a proposal. I asked him to RL marry me, but in SL. That part did surprise him. I was going to give this account to him as an ALT after it was over, but it has not only become my main account, it is my only account now. To me, it’s so much more fun to have a “second” childhood. Though, to be honest, this is my first one. Although Malik doesn’t get on as much any more, SL will be one of the greatest joys in our marriage.

Noob vs. Now

Credits: Day 1 Arti

Credits: Day 649

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