Just a Koi Boy

Recently one of my sponsors, Just Drake, gave me a really cute cropped jacket featuring a beautiful koi design. It made me think of some digital art I saw years ago with a boy with goldfish in balloons titled “Koi Boy.” I made a note to myself to take a picture with that jacket at some point. Then, to my surprise, I ran across a balloon with koi in it at a gacha resale. I knew I had to pair them together.

This is the “fish balloon” from Nani’s Dreamy Pond series. It comes with a HUD to change the texture of the fish, and it also have multiple faces so you can play with the balloon texture as well. The surface of the balloon is super reflective, so you can play with the light to get some really cool shine effects.

Many thanks, again, to Drake S. McCullen for his continued support and inspiration. I believe this jacket is only available at this in-world store, so please check it out.


Prop: nani – dreamy pond – fish balloon
Jacket: Just Drake Inari-1 Cropped Jacket Tweenster Boy
Shorts: Just Drake Dark MFShorts
Goggles (Modified): Akarin Goggles
Sim: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mortons%20Gully/189/182/29

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