Love is Love

Whenever I work with clients new to stylizing for kids, they are often shocked at how expensive some of the higher end meshes are. The full perms at Meshmermized/Meshnix are expensive, but, to be honest, they’re worth it. They’re quality and easy to work with. So easy to work with! Did I mention they’re easy to work with, because I don’t want to undersell that?

That having been said, there are a number of good and affordable meshes popping up made for the tweenster mesh body. Raoh Designs has a number of great full perms, though you have to be a little more skilled at texturing to make good clothing.

I particularly like the Dani Winter Pants, Dani Gym Pants, and Dani Gym Hoodie Sleeveless (the last two in the photograph below). The wrinkling on the pants are spot on and the long pants fit perfectly into boots. It’s hard to find a good pair of pants to wear with boots sometimes. Try some of the demos. I love them.

I am seeing several designers snatch up these perms and make some really cute clothing. TONY is one of the better brands using these meshes. He does mainly street clothing, but his texturing is very detailed. The knit texturing on these just scream coziness and the stitch texturing on the Love is Love Hoodie is so realistic. And it’s June, so it’s Pride month. He’s got a lot of wonderful clothes to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride. Check out his in-world store.


Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop – Loredana Loring: Fantasy & Realistic Rainbows
Pose and Props (Modified): Mad Girl Ninjas’ Designs
Clothing: Love Is Love Tweenster Outfit
Sim: Baja Norte

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