It’s funny, most people think that creating fantasy creatures with the Tweenster Mesh Body must be difficult, but honestly, I find creating human outfits really challenging. Ask me to make an orc boy or a demon with blood dripping from his fangs, and I’d be set. However, making a normal human boy, with normal human skin, with normal human features has never come naturally to me. For over a year since I joint the kids community, I’ve had a pair of wings on my back and a tail.

Creating human looks is fun, though, and I love a good challenge. My favorite thing to do in Second Life is to create looks and to give myself a specific theme to stylize my avatar. This summer I have some time off work, so I decided to apply for TweenStar, a part of the AviStar competition and division of the Miss Second Life Organization. The hardest thing me to create, however, should be the easiest. A simple headshot…

My first attempt at a headshot

This is my first attempt, and I know I will have to redo it because my background is too distracting and the shot is not focus on my face enough. But this is the look I chose to use.

I have tons of hair in SL, but this is my favorite. It’s the first hair I’ve had ever since I started with the SMB body. It’s not the most advanced hair, but I love it. It fits my personality and can be customized to the max. I have also decided to model my eyes after my eyes in RL. I have heterochromia, which means my eyes do not match completely. My left eye is completely blue and my brown eye is mostly brown with a splotch of blue. I have also never been big on freckles and I haven’t found the right freckles for me on SL, so I have decided to go for more of a blush look.


Hair: Action Sid Overdose Hair
Eyes: Catwa Un-rigged Eyes (animated)
Right: {Demicorn} Ash Eyes – Brownie
Left: {Demicorn} Ash Eyes – Ice
Shirt: Meshmerized >MM< TankShirt
Hands: Meshmerized xJAx – Skelly hands
Pose: FOXCITY. Mens – Silhouette-2

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