Just Drake: First Sponsor

Drake S. McCullen is a super nice guy and one of the hardest working members of the kids’ community in Second Life. In addition to going above and beyond with helping new content creators, he also co-curates the event All the Little Things, counsels for Next Generation Adoption Agency, and designs for his own brand Just Drake.

I am a huge fan of his designs, particularly his CharMesh hoody and leather jacket featured in these photos. When I had mentioned that there were no proper leather jackets fitted for Tweenster, Drake had textured this piece within the day. That’s the type of guy he is. I am so thrilled that he has become my first official sponsor. He’s been a great help and a good friend.

The CharMesh hoody just screams post-apocalyptic: frayed fishnet layered over the remains of a torn hoody. When paired with the leather jacket, the two have such a fun punky vibe. What’s great about the tracksuit and hoody mesh from Meshmerized is they can be mixed and matched with different pieces from other designers. But together, they’re great fun. I’ve made raiders, orc, and zombies all sporting these.

One of my favorite looks is my orc kid. While I do have a traditional fantasy version of my orc, I think he is more comfortable in the city. Urban fantasy is a lot of run, and this was the very first I look I made after getting these pieces from Drake.

Credits: Orc Kid – Urban Fantasy

Orc Kid: Urban Fantasy

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