Welcome to my blog

Second Life has been an escape and passion of mine for many years now. Recently, I have gotten into in-world photography, which has enriched my SL experience tenfold. Given how much I have loved becoming a part of the SL Flickr community, I thought the next step would be to start a blog. I am not sure what this blog will turn into, but I think I’d like to focus on both Tweenster boys fashion and artistic photography.

Most of my looks are inspired by the wondrous and strange. If you’ve seen me in-world, it was probably as a demon, orc, drow, ghost, vampire, or even a tree spirit. I always want to change, to experiment, to find something new that will inspire me to create my next look. I don’t want to look like all the other Tweenster boys out there. There are so many talented designers and brands on SL that have pushed me to the next level. You should see all the different bodies and heads strewed about my inventory, not to mention eyeballs, ears, and skins!

While 95% of my time on the grid, I am cloak myself in the macabre or weird, I have a down-to-earth side too. My human looks tends to be inspired by the punk movement and most of my human looks have a rebellious streak to them. Last night found a great new T-shirt shop at Arbordale called ARTEMIX by Miko NY Begynnelse. I saw the Blue Devil shirt and had to have it. This guy knows what I like! Even when I’m human, I carry over a bit of my demonic side with me.

Only Two Weeks Left of School!


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